Case Results

Forgery and Identity Theft – LAX Court – Time served and reduced to misdemeanor
Domestic Violence – LAX Court – Dismissed
DUI with .11% BAC and car accident reduced to exhibition of speed – Metropolitan Court
DUI .14% BAC – Torrance Court – Dismissed
Felony Burglary – Norwalk Court – Dismissed
Battery – Santa Clarita Court – Dismissed
Drug Sales and Transportation – Torrance Court – Dismissed
DUI with heroin, meth and xanax – Metro Court – Reduced to exhibition of speed
Resisting Arrest – LAX Court – Dismissed
Carrying a Concealed Weapon – Newport Court – Dismissed
Grand Theft Auto Felony – Pasadena Court – Reduced to misdemeanor tampering, time served
Vehicular Manslaughter – Torrance Court – Dismissed and license reinstated
DUI with .27% BAC reduced to Wet Reckless – Van Nuys Court
Drug DUI (meth and marijuana) in Van Nuys Court – Dismissed
Felony Burglary and Vandalism – CCB Court – No Jail
Drug Possession – LAX Court – Dismissed
Grand Theft – CCB Court – Dismissed
DUI .08% – El Monte Court – Dismissed
Felony DUI with Injury – Downtown LA Court – Dismissed
Checkpoint DUI – Glendale Court – Dismissed
Domestic Violence – LAX Court – Dismissed
DUI with .14% BAC reduced to exhibition of speed – Metropolitan Court
DUI .10% with accident – Pasadena Court – Reduced to exhibition of speed
Hit and Run – Torrance Court – Dismissed
DUI .17% BAC – Long Beach Court – Dismissed

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hSuperior Representation Through Aggressive Advocacy and Personalized Attention. When the stakes are high you need talented and aggressive attorneys who will go the extra mile to deliver the best result for you. At the Law Offices of Hart J. Levin, we are highly-experienced, aggressive and respected trial lawyers. As former prosecutors, we leverage our expert knowledge of the law and long-standing relationships with local prosecutors and judges to consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients. We give our clients superior representation in all Southern California courts by being tough, creative, practical and efficient. We have maintained a reputation for superb advocacy because we never lose sight of what matters most — Our Client, their peace of mind, and most importantly, their freedom.

DUI Lawyer

We provide unparalleled expertise in DUI / Drunk Driving cases due to our extensive training and experience as LA prosecutors. We build your defense by identifying and targeting specific vulnerabilities in the prosecutor’s case, and aggressively attacking them. We handle each part of your DUI case so you don’t have to. California is extremely harsh on people arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving. DUI / Drunk Driving penalties include significant jail time, massive fines, lengthy and expensive DUI/alcohol classes, community labor, ignition interlock device, vehicle impound, and much more. DUI / Drunk Driving convictions can also permanently tarnish your criminal record and DMV record, making finding employment difficult, and getting insured very costly. It is vital to seek a Los Angeles DUI lawyer for your DUI immediately to ensure a proper DMV hearing so the DMV does not automatically suspend your license. Don’t risk your career, freedom, and future by hiring a “good” DUI attorney. Hire the best.

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We aggressively and effectively defend clients throughout Southern California on all types of felony and misdemeanor criminal charges, including homicide, sex offenses, domestic violence, drug crimes including drug sales and possession, DUI / DWI and all related traffic offenses, hit and run, accidents, three strikes, manslaughter, fraud and forgery, assault and battery, criminal threats, gang crimes, weapons crimes, juvenile offenses, theft offenses including robbery and shop lifting, internet crimes, expungements, probation violations, and all other violent felonies. We are known throughout local courts by prosecutors and judges for our criminal defense expertise, experience, and history of notable victories in handling these complex criminal cases. We have on-site investigators and Los Angeles Criminal Defense lawyers who will work quickly and effectively to gather vital evidence for your case to help establish your defense. Call now to get the best possible representation in your corner when you need it most.