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If you are reading this, it is likely that you or a loved one are facing a Los Angeles DUI charge. Los Angeles is the DUI capital of the nation with more DUIs occurring in Los Angeles than in any other part of the country. Los Angeles Hart J. Levin specializes in fixing Los Angeles DUI cases. Hart has handled over 6,000 DUIs in his long career and has earned a reputation as a highly effective and aggressive Los Angeles DUI attorney. 

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DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

Highest Rated DUI Defense Attorneys in LA

Mission Statement

Award Winning Defense At the Law Offices of Hart J. Levin, our DUI lawyers specialize in successfully defending DUI cases and criminal charges in all Southern California courts. We understand what is on the line when you are facing DUI or criminal charges. 

You risk losing your job, career, driver’s license, your ability to travel and the ability to provide for your family; not to mention a massive amount of punishment that the court and district attorney typically seek, which can be financially crushing and humiliating. 

As a former prosecutor and deputy district attorney, I have experienced the system from the inside. I know the inner workings of the prosecutor’s office, their undisclosed policies, and how they try to rack up as many convictions as possible. 

I began my own law firm to utilize that insider expertise and experience to even the playing field for those stuck in a criminal justice system. As I often say, the best way to beat the prosecutor is to hire a better one.

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The Best Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys in LA

Expertise in DUI

Having been formally trained by the District Attorney’s Office, we know exactly how the DA will attack the case and seek a conviction. We use our inside knowledge of their weaknesses and vulnerabilities to get the best results that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. 

We are results-oriented and client-focused. In our industry, winning counts. And no one has a higher win rate than we do. Some clients ask why a case takes so long and my answer is always the same – the case is not over until we have reached the absolute best possible result.

Protect your Right to Drive

We protect your ability to drive. DUI charges can result in long driver’s license suspensions, even on a first DUI. We have the ability to extend your driver’s license and keep you on the road. We aggressively fight the DMV case to protect your license. 

To fight and prevent the DMV suspension, it is critical to act fast so you do not miss the deadline to demand the hearing. Once it is missed, the DMV will automatically suspend your license. It’s about who you know.

Court Relationships

Relationships are critical to getting things done in a criminal court room. Knowing the judges, prosecutors and supervisors in the DA’s office is an incredible tool we utilize to get the results our clients deserve. 

Having earned their respect and trust, they understand that we mean what we say and will back it up with action to defend our clients. When we point out flaws in the evidence, they often fold their cards, knowing full well we will vigorously fight the case in the courtroom to publicly display how the case was mishandled by law enforcement.

Dedicated Representation

We handle the entire case for you. In misdemeanor cases, we typically appear in court on behalf of our clients, who never have to come to court. Not having to go to court means our clients can focus on what matters most to them. 

We update our clients right after court concludes and tell them what to expect next. On felony DUI cases where the client is ordered to appear, we are by your side, answering the court’s questions and taking the pressure off of our client.

DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

DUIs for Immigrants

Immigration consequences have become very severe. A criminal conviction, even for a first time DUI offense, can trigger deportation requirements and other immigration difficulties. We are in a complicated political environment where immigrants live in daily fear of being deported. 

Winning your case instead of being convicted can often mean staying in the United States instead of being deported. It has never been more important than it is today to win your case if you are not a United States citizen. Experience counts.

60+ Years of Defending DUI Cases

At our firm, we have over 60 years of combined experience and expertise in defending DUI and criminal charges. I personally oversee every case and don’t believe in handing the case off to someone with entry-level experience or skill, like many other law firms. 

We have been honored to have been chosen to represent fellow lawyers in the community, law enforcement officers (including LAPD, CHP, sheriff deputies, DEA and FBI – yes, they get arrested too), local judges, politicians, and even hall of fame athletes and celebrities. 

No matter who our clients or, or their background, we treat all of them the same, with personalized attention, compassion, respect and a desire to
get the very best result.

Hire The Top Attorney

Hire the top attorney. In a sea of attorneys making false promises to desperately get your business, it can be difficult to choose the best attorney for you. We do not make promises about outcomes. Our results speak for themselves.

We are honored to have received several awards since our firm began, including:

Getting a DUI in California

DUI’s are treated very harshly in California. In each DUI, there are two cases that we handle for our clients. The DMV case is extremely time sensitive, and if not fixed immediately, will result in an automatic suspension of your driver’s license.

When you hire us, we handle it all for you. We contact the DMV immediately and protect your ability to drive. We let the DMV know that we will be fighting the case and challenging all aspects of the DUI. We conduct the hearing on behalf of our clients. 

If the hearing results in a suspension, we guide our clients in getting a restricted license and help them each step of the way. License suspensions can be anywhere from 30 days to many years. The second part of a DUI is the court case, or “criminal case.” This is where you face punishment ranging from classes and fines, all the way up to jail or prison.

We Fight for You
We attend court on behalf of our clients so they do not need to attend in many cases, and we let the court and prosecutor know that we intend to fight the case. The punishment for DUIs has increased as California has taken a more punitive stance towards driving under the influence.
Los Angeles is now requiring a breathalyzer in your car after even a first offense DUI. The court and prosecutor will seek punishment that often includes probation, heavy fines, lengthy and expensive classes, working at the Hospital and Morgue, Mothers Against Drunk Driving classes, extra AA meetings, community service, community labor, and jail time. It is critical to fight and negotiate each part of the punishment to ensure a fair result.
Our goal in these cases is first to seek a dismissal. If that does not work, we seek to reduce charges and all punishment. We provide top-notch DUI defense for our clients due to our expertise and experience in DUI cases.
Only Hire the Best

Our winning record is second to none because we never lose sight of what matters most – our clients’ success and freedom. There are plenty of so called “DUI defense attorneys” who are desperate for business and make false promises to get your case dropped just to earn your business. 

Here at this firm we do not offer promises, we offer results. When your freedom is on the line, do not hire a “good” DUI defense attorney. Only hire the best.

Criminal Defense Specialists

We have earned a reputation for winning high profile criminal defense cases in many southern California courts. We have the experience and expertise needed to fight and win difficult criminal cases.

Our clients come to us for help with cases ranging from very serious felonies all the way down to minor misdemeanors. We have successfully defended cases including domestic violence, drug sales, drug possession, theft and robbery crimes, hit and run cases, weapons crimes, probation violations, assault and battery charges, gun cases, forgery and fraud charges, terrorist/criminal threat allegations, felony DUI, manslaughter, illegal street racing and all other serious felonies and misdemeanors.
Most recently we have defended large marijuana dispensary cases as the industry continues to grow. We use our own private investigators to gather valuable evidence that makes the difference between winning and losing a case.
We Protect your Freedom

We carefully review all evidence and require that the prosecutor turn over every piece of evidence available. As Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers, we begin working immediately to find and preserve sensitive evidence that will be used in your defense. We consult with our clients to come up with a winning defense strategy.

We keep our clients updated regularly and are always here to answer your questions. As a deputy district attorney, I handled every type of criminal charge and grew an insider’s understanding of how the DA prosecutes each type of crime. I have utilized this to help my clients avoid jail and prison hundreds of times. When the stress is high and our clients are worried about their future, we listen compassionately and let them know exactly what our strategy is to fix the problem.
We fight tirelessly to protect your record and to show the prosecutor that you are not just another number on the court’s schedule. The prosecutor and court will often try to scare or intimidate clients to plead guilty on the first court date and threaten greater punishment if they do not.
We are Committed to You
We encourage you to utilize our proven strategies for winning to protect your freedom today. We provide free consultations, generous payment plans, and a commitment to give you the absolute best representation money can buy. But don’t take our word for it.
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