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    I have an out of state license but got a DUI in California. Now what?

I have an out of state license but got a DUI in California. Now what?

California is extremely harsh on DUI offenders and the penalties for a first time DUI increase virtually every year. Some of the harshest punishments received by DUI offenders come from the notorious California DMV. The Department of Motor Vehicles suspends licensees arrested for DUI in nearly every case where the driver has a .08% BAC (alcohol level) or greater.

If you have a California driver’s license that is valid at the time of arrest, you are eligible to receive a restricted license in [...]

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DUI Checkpoints – The Dirty Little Secret

DUI checkpoints have become increasingly common in the past decade. Their use has nearly tripled since 2001. They lead to hundreds of DUI arrests a month and provide the state with much needed revenue. Many drivers feel trapped when approaching a checkpoint believing that they have no choice but to go through the drunk driving checkpoint. This is not true.

Normally when a driver is stopped for DUI (Vehicle Code section 23152 A/B), officers are required to have probable cause to believe that a [...]

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DUI and your Driver’s License

Your Driver’s License after a DUI

When you are arrested in California for a DUI, you are supposed to be given a choice of a blood or breath alcohol test. If (1) a breath test indicates a .08% blood alcohol level or above, or (2) blood is taken for later analysis, or (3) you refuse to submit to chemical testing, your driver’s license is immediately confiscated by the police (unless it is an out-of-state license) and you are issued a document from the California DMV. This paper serves as [...]

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DUI – What you need to know

DUIs go from bad to worse – Six Ways to get severely punished in your DUI case

California has enacted a statute that creates several sentencing enhancements for DUI cases.  If there are particular aggravating factors in a DUI arrest, a person convicted of DUI may face significantly harsher penalties including long state prison sentences, huge fines and severe (even life-time) license suspensions.

Here are the factors that increase a DUI sentence:

(1)    Prior DUI convictions – If you have previously been convicted of a DUI (within [...]

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